Upside Down On Stage With Her Ass and Crotch Showing

Katy Perry is known for those hot enormous titties, but have you seen her nicely shaped booty? People always forget about how deliciously beautiful it is! That said, check out the picture above and judge for yourself! Her ass definitely has a nice bounce to it and on top of that her crotch is showing!! Mmm mmmm! How lucky were the people in the audience that night? Damn lucky! She didn't make a comment about it after the show, but that shit still went viral, of course! How could it not?!

In other Katy Perry news, do you know that she is dating Orlando Bloom?! That son of a bitch!!! They have been seen holding hands and getting all lovey dovey together in Hawaii. The duo also attended The Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globe Party together as well. They looked fucking adorable flirting at each event.

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