The Holy Grail of Katy Perry Boobs

Ever since Katy Perry exploded onto the music scene, men (and women) can't help but notice she has one amazing rack.  Her boobs are famous, and she let's them bust out any chance she gets.  Everything from music videos with exploding firework tits, to bending over letting the paparazzi get their cameras focused on that luxurious rack.  We compiled a mess of photos from around the web for you to enjoy, please share!

Looking natural and make-up free in this cotton-shirt over her massive breasts.  Mmmmmm.

A really natural smile, and one gorgeous set of breasts.

Look at that curvacious body -- Katy really does have the perfect hourglass.

Hot bod photo number 2 - she should wear dresses like these more often. 

Exploding out of that shirt, amazing.

Ponytail + bent over... are you thinking the same thing?

Bedazzled titties.

To see the GIF version, click here, and here

That looks like a nipple to us...

And another nipple.

Superbowl shenanigans - don't let that top fall off!

Licking those lips - don't stop!

Pretty sure that top is just above the nipple line.

Please... keep unzipping.

Naughty 1960's? Or is that 50's?

No shame.

OMG yes... please lift up that dress, NOW!!!

Here is a video compilation: 

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