Superbowl Halftime Show A Hit

Although she gets commonly known by her stage name Katy Perry, the almost thirty-one years old American singer, actress and songwriter have her real names as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. With little exposure to secular music as a child, she pursued gospel music as a career when she was a teenager. However, when she went to live in Los Angeles in 2002, she got into secular music, and she became famous in 2008 with the release of I KISSED A GIRL. The song was said to contain some controversial lyrics. She is one princess that doesn’t take well anyone who spreads rumors about her.

On the issue of her relationship, Katy Perry has always been in an on-and-again relationship with John Mayer, who is also a Grammy winner like her. They have lately been seen again together raising eyebrows that the two are back together.

With little known about her family, Katy Perry finally spoke and said she is happy to know that she has a twin sister. Although the two are not identical, Katy Perry has finally found her long lost sister.

While she was in Australia performing on stage, Katy Perry got assaulted when someone threw a lollipop that landed on her boobs. Though we can’t tell whether Katy felt amused or not, one is still left wondering whether the one who threw it has aimed the lollipop land there or it did so by mistake.

With her Super Bowl halftime show, it has provided a channel for people to make money. A bet is going round on whether Katy Perry will show off her boobs. No one has any explanation that they can give as to why she does it.

As celebs seem to do anything crazy, Katy has a tattoo on her finger. She has one of her fingers inscribed with the following roman numbers XLIX although what they are meant to say is yet to be known.