Photo Collection of Katy Perry's Sexy Legs

Below you can enjoy Katy's hottest pictures of her damn good looking legs! This bitch is in constant motion with all her world tours and dancing - no wonder she has a pair of the finest and perfectly sculpted legs in the entertainment industry. The "Roar" singer is not afraid to show them off either, she knows it's one of her greatest strengths. 

Besides her gorgeous stems in the news all the time, lately Perry has been in the news for a bizarre conspiracy theory that she is the JonBenet Ramsey little girl that was strangled to death in 1996. Some crazy dudes on the internet have posted videos trying to prove this insane theory. Katy said these dudes are all the liars we all know they are - the bastards are using a poor tragedy to get attention in the media. The guy, which i won't name to give him any sort of fame, said that the Free Masons came up with the hoax of JonBenet's death to make money off of Katy Perry today. What a bunch of crazy bullshit.


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