Katy Perry's Boobs Vs. Kim Kardashian's Boobs

Katy Perry is known to have some amazing natural boobs - I mean, those things are undeniably fantastic and bouncy! Kim Kardashian is also known to have some beautiful lucious boobies herself! We decided to do a comparison of both of them to decide which tits are the best in Hollywood. Of course, we are rooting for Katy because we absolutely adore her, but we cannot make a conclusion until we take a look into this a little further by examining the issue further.

So, what we have done below is simply find them wearing similar outfits to compare which breasts are better. We find that if we use this method we can truly compare both of them and come up with a winner. The picture above is the only one we found where the two hot celebs are wearing the same outfits. I have to say that Kim's defintely look perkier, but Katy's look more real. Obviously one is from a photo shoot magazine, and the other is in "real life", so it's not fair to Katy if Kim wins this one. Let's take a gander at other pictures below...

Katy vs. Kim Boobs - Bikini Competition

We think Katy takes the win on this one! Check out her boobies - they look fuller and healthier than Kim's.

Katy vs. Kim Boobs - Clevage Dress Competition

We think Kim wins this one - her titties are looking mighty fine in this hot red dress.

Katy vs. Kim Boobs - Up Close Competition

The winner is cleary Katy on this one! No doubt! Damn, those look good!

Katy vs. Kim Boobs - Side Action Competition

Yeah, Kim's definitely the side action tit winner on this one. They just look like a better handful. 

We gotta say, it's definitely a toss up between these gorgeous women and their blessed tits. I guess it's truly up to your personal preference. If you like natural white boobies that look full, then Katy is your tit mamacita. If You like brown bouncy big breasts, then Kim might be more of your boob type. Right now Kim Kardashian actually has prego titties (check out this post to see those bad boys) and although she tends to hide them, you can tell they are a little saggy. That leads to our conclusion that Katy Perry has the best tits in hollwood right now, but if Kim ever gets her normal boobs back, Katy might have some competition again. We shall see!! 

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