Katy Perry Voting Naked In This Ridiculous PSA

katy perry voting naked

Katy announced she was going to be featured in a video with Funny or Die to emphasize the importance of voting.  She is shown naked at the booth (censored, unfortunately).

“This year, you can look like s--t when you vote,” she says in the video. “In the name of democracy, any just out-of-bed look is A-OK.”

This might be the dumbest shit I've ever seen, but at least Katy Perry is naked and voting.  Whoever comes up with these PSA ads is really grasping at straws here!  

Wait, you've convinced me Katy, I was really worried about voting in my sweatpants, but now.... now I feel like it's ok to vote, no matter what I look like.  Thanks guys!

Check out the video:

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