Katy Perry Shows Off Cleavage In Pink Dress

The beautiful and famous Katy Perry and her boobies was another hit once again at a fancy celeb event party. As you can see from these amazing photos of her, she is wearing a really right pink dress with a low cut v-shaped neckline and her titties are looking deliciously huge. These photos were such a hit that they went totally viral on the web. 

In other Katy news, there are rumors that she and Orlando Bloom are dating, but that she started to makeout with some dude at the club right in front of him. Maybe the couple are opening up to being swingers??! Who knows, but people were shocked that she did that right in front of Mr. Bloom. The couple has only been going out for 3 months, but have shown an incredible amount of affection in the public eye already. Will they last? Hmm....

Anyway, enjoy her boobies! They are a feast for the eyes!

Check Out More Of Katy Perry's Boobs Here...

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