Katy Perry Keeps The Feud Between Her And Taylor Swift Going On

Katy Perry is involved in a much talked public feud with Taylor Swift. The biggest talking point about this feud is that people are speculating about its cause. People are even speculating that the up coming Taylor Swift’s music video will be about Katy Perry and how she hurt her. When interviewed, Taylor said that the video is about a fellow artist who hurt her in the past and therefore people speculated that it is about Perry. Both of them were good friends in the past but their relationship deteriorated over time. Taylor even claimed that Perry sabotaged her tour by hiring some of her dancers and therefore she was forced to look for other dancers so that the tour could go on.

Another speculation about this feud is that its reasons might be that they have both dated the same person. Kerry has been in an on and off relationship with John Mayer since 2012 who had dated Taylor before that. Therefore people are speculating that since the two girls were good friends it would not have been right for Perry to date her friend’s ex-boyfriend. In fact it is believed that this is the reason that made their relationship sour since Perry started dating Mayer. Since that moment the two stars who were always seen together are rarely spotted together and it is believed that Taylor was not happy with her friend.

The current feud between the two girls is so intense that Perry might not attend Taylor’s video launch. This is because she believes that the music video is based on their relationship and therefore attending the launch will be giving Taylor an opportunity to humiliate her in public. However, if Katy Perry decides to attend the launch all cameras will be on her as the world waits to see her reaction. Hopefully she will also release a reply song or music video to tell her side of the story. As we wait we shall keep following the story to see which woman emergence victorious in this feud.