Is Farrah Abraham Fighting With Her Sister?

MTV's "Teen Mom" reality star Farrah Abraham may be in the middle of a fight with her sister, Ashley Danielsen. It seems that Farrah might not be happy about the newest addition to her family. Ashley recently welcomed a new baby boy named Axl into the world. Though both sisters are extremely active on social media, Farrah has yet to make a post on any of her websites mentioning her new nephew. When Ashley had her first baby Farrah had quite a different reaction. She took to Twitter almost immediately and tweeted, "So excited to be an Aunt. Sophia can't wait to have a play pal! I am going to hook my sister up with amazing Swag!".

This potential sibling spat could have been going on for a while. There is speculation that Farrah only learned of Ashley's pregnancy through social media. Could this indicate that Ashley and Farrah aren't nearly as close as we all believed them to be? So why would Farrah be angry at her sister? Well, Farrah recently announced her desire to expand her family by adopting a little brother or sister for her daughter, Sophia. Farrah took to social media with statistics and sources regarding the importance of providing homes for the many adoptable children in the world. Her post was met with a good deal of criticism from the public who accused her of being a bad role model and doing a terrible job of raising Sophia. Could Farrah be jealous that her sister had a second child before she did? Is Farrah angry that Ashley took away a little bit of Farrah's limelight? Or is it the other way around?

Some people think that Ashley might have started major drama with her beloved sister because of all the attention she gets from her sex tape and also for being the "prettier one". If you have never seen the sex tape, you can watch it here:

OK! magazine was able to reach Farrah and Ashley's mother Barbara for comment but Barbara's answer was simple - "We all love each other." she stated, refusing to give any more information. We'll all just have to wait and see how this potential drama unfolds.