Facts About Katy

Do you love music? Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson popularly known for her stage name Katy Perry is one of the best musician of all time whose music is the best. Katy Perry was born October 25 1984in Santa Barbara California United States of America. She is 5"8 tall. Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress philanthropist and a businesswoman. Katy Perry was married to Russell brand between 2010 to 2012. Some the songs Katy Perry has released are,

1.Roar prism. released 2013.
2.Dark horse of 2013.
3.This is how we do released 2013.
4.Hot and Cold of 2008.
Some of Katy Perry 'so albums include
2.Teenage dream.
3.One of the boys.
4 . Hello Katy Australia.
5 . TV unplugged.

Because of her very many hit songs Katy Perry had received very many awards for instance, a) Katy Perry has received three Guinness world records. b) Five American music awards. c) Five MTV music awards. d) Fourteen people choice awards. e) Billboard name her the woman of the year 2012.

Some of the other Katy Perry's achievement are the following:

1. Forbes declared Katy Perry as the world's top earning female artist of of all time this because Katy Perry has sold eleven million albums and eighty one million singles.
2 . philanthropist. Katy Perry was made Good will ambassador for UNICEF in 2013, Katy Perry has had organized charitable shows to raise money for the children, needy and sick.
3.Politics. Katy Perry is a guy rights activist whose has come out openly to advocate for equality, she supported Obama're election because of his praise for some sex Katy Perry performed on three Obama 'rallies.
4 . Katy Perry has also made celebrity endorsement and realesed perfumes, the killer queen and meow!, she also released an autobiographical documentary Katy Perry part of me concentrating on her short lived marriage.
5.Teenage dream album became the first female album to produce five number one single hits to billboard and second after Michael Jackson in 1987. With all these Katy Perry is sure one of the famous artist in the world.

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